Civilized Travels

An Adventure in the Art of Travel, Food, Libation

and old School Civility

Why a Blog?

Hi, I am Cynthia! My husband, Justin, and I own two “family oriented” restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We know how to do two things… Work and Work Hard! When we do escape our clients ask, “What do you do? Where do you go? What do you eat?”

Being in the Service Industry for over 35 years (I won’t tell you how many) I will ask that you follow a few simple rules…

Travel Rules:

1. When you walk through the door at a restaurant or store, put down your device, be kind, be civil, be nice.
2. Make every meal an adventure. Have every adventure feed your soul. 

my first blog

New Orleans

The Crescent City

My Parents, Al and Judy Wilson have given me the passion for travel and photography. As a young girl, I was only home for two weeks during many vacations. My father was a principal of an elementary school and during the summer, he was on the lecture circuit teaching about using the newspaper in the classroom. As a college student, my mother worked for American Airlines. The Travel Bug had bitten me and hard!

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